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Design a modular data architecture to support continuous and consistent data and analytics needs. Successive helps you with full-cycle data architecture and analytics design on cloud platforms. 

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Our Data Architecture Development Services Ensure Technology Cohere With On-Premises Infrastructure And Cloud Resources

Companies want to democratize data access and self-service analytics to leverage data at every decision-making step. With proven expertise in data management, cloud engineering processes, and technologies, Successive helps companies design and set up data architecture with capabilities like augmented analysis. Our developed solutions offer cloud-enabled scalability and self-service capabilities when your team needs to use recommendation engines, data, AI orchestration, adaptive practices, and metadata analysis. We help you develop data architecture that balances requirements for repeatability, reusability, governance, authority, provenance, and optimized delivery. Whether the data is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, our modern data architects and engineers provide solutions that enable you to handle exploding data volumes efficiently and support more demanding applications effectively. 

Our Data Architecture Development Services Ensure Technology Cohere With On-Premises Infrastructure And Cloud Resources

Our Modern Data Architecture Services

With leading expertise in cloud-based technology and modern data architecture frameworks, we help you establish a common language and a shared understanding of how your enterprise manages and uses data. Our data and cloud experts simplify the need to tap data within seconds to meet the needs of your people, technology, and processes.

Data Assessment and Strategy

We assess your organization’s current data landscape, define data requirements, and create a strategic plan to bring current systems into alignment with business requirements. Our modern data architecture experts provide a comprehensive strategy and roadmap for storage, backup & recovery, and tool integration to support the needs of innovation, scalability, and performance.

Data Security and Governance

We help you establish policies and procedures to manage data effectively with end-to-end accountability throughout the data lifecycle. Our solutions instill confidentiality, integrity, and data availability based on relevant regulations and standards. We apply data encryption both in transit and at rest that provides confidence to process data at any scale and anywhere.

Metadata Management

We help you improve your data strategy by helping you to embrace metadata management practices. Our data engineers and architects help you create and maintain a consistent and accurate set of metadata, such as data assets, their structure, relationships, and usage, that reduce time looking for and requesting access to data across enterprises.

Data Storage and Management

We help you embrace flexibility and agility for your modern data architectures by supporting the logical storage of data to meet the changing business needs and growing data sources. Our solution includes physical or cloud storage of data and processing platforms, designing data models, establishing data access controls, and implementing data quality processes.

Data Integration and Interoperability

To provide a unified view of data, our data architects and engineers help you build modular and scalable data pipelines with open-source and cloud-based tools and technologies. We help you adopt the process that establishes data integration patterns and standards to power your large-scale analytics needs.

Data Migration and Modernization

Successive can help you decide on the right strategy and implementation for your cloud migration and modernization efforts. With practical experience in dozens of deployments in cloud-native, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, our team possesses the know-how to create solutions that foster business continuity.

Benefits Of Our Modern Data Architecture Services

Our modern data architecture design and development services ensure the performance, elasticity, scale, and concurrency your enterprise requires to address diverse data needs. We hold cloud and on-premise storage, computing, and networking expertise to build data solutions that allow you to operate without disruption and deliver better customer experiences.

Center of Excellence

By using excellence in data technologies, cloud platforms, and modern practices and frameworks, we help clients adopt and adapt to systems that power essential workloads efficiently and enable them to unlock seamless collaboration.

DevOps Deployment

We help eliminate administration and management by integrating automation and everything as code practices. Leveraging our expertise, we help you build an efficient data architecture that supports millions of queries in real time.

Leverage AI/ML

We help you leverage AI/ML capabilities to derive new insights and create value from your data architecture. We address all organizational data needs, including data visualization, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

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Why Choose Successive Digital As Your Modern Data Architecture Company?

Successive has earned significant experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining a data architecture for all sizes of organizations while delivering application development and deployment to clients for over a decade. We have witnessed the challenges with dated technologies and the need for evolving processes and methodologies such as data fabric, data mess, and others for evolving business needs. Having managed all such requirements for clients across industries, we have established a position for ourselves in the industry to consult, architect, design, and develop modern data architecture for required structure, policies, storage, processing, and deployments needs.

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