Business Objective

Business Objective

One of the global media and advertising companies that serves more than 11,000 clients in 143 countries with world-class digital solutions wanted to develop an end-to-end media and advertising ecosystem. They aimed to scale and enlarge the capabilities of their existing IT landscapes to support new bold business decisions and the latest innovations. They wanted to bring people, systems, and data together to form a collaborative, efficient, and effective ecosystem for media management.

Business Challenges

Legacy System

The client aimed to enhance its media-related processes by improving its IT infrastructure, analytics capabilities, and workflow platforms for operational efficiency. They needed to optimize various aspects of their media ecosystem to achieve better results and streamline their operations.

Non-scalable deployment

As the media ecosystem needed to cater to the needs of global stakeholders, partners, clients, and the company itself, they wanted to leverage cutting-edge technologies and processes, such as automation and robust security measures, to operate the business more efficiently.

Integration inefficiencies

They wanted to achieve a flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure to support the strategic objective of promoting and facilitating the expansion of acquisitions. They wanted to support business initiatives through data-driven insights supported by cloud-agnostic architecture, advanced analytics, and comprehensive monitoring.


Business Solution

Successive set the foundation for application modernization and migration by developing cloud-agnostic architecture on Azure. We helped the client become a media powerhouse with the most advanced technical solutions with microservices, containers, and serverless and deployed the robust cloud-agnostic architecture on Azure Kubernetes Services. As the project covers 25+ sub-projects involving 350+ microservices and clusters consisting of 600+ nodes, 15000+ pods, and 45000+ containers, AKS enabled the client to achieve desired scalability, high performance, automation, and security. We have built an automated CI/CD pipeline that standardizes deployment workflow with Terraform. We also integrated automatic SAST and DAST testing into CI/CD pipelines for streamlined, secure, and automated deployment.

Success Stories

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