Business Objective

Business Objective

Cheap internet and affordable smartphones paved the way for an idea that, if implemented mindfully, could help millions of farmers across India. Smart Farm partnered with Successive Digital to help them build a comprehensive farm management software in the form of a smartphone application that assisted farmers with real-time data on weather, crop management, the latest marketplace price, and more. However, lack of sustainable hardware, an ill-managed ecosystem, and untimely information functioned as roadblocks in the process.

Business Challenge

Non-viable Smartphones

From unsupported RAM to sluggish operating systems, the phones farmers used were semi-smart with fairly backward hardware operations which forced modern applications to lag.

Uncommon Language

Different regions, different farmers, different languages - language was one of the prime hurdles in designing a smartphone application interface that every farmer adapted to effortlessly.

Lack of Information

Due to third-party associations and the presence of middlemen, farmers were kept away from several aspects of agri-business, including correct marketplace rates, the latest market information, and more.


Business Solution

Conversing with thousands of farmers across the country to understand their most necessary needs and build a multilingual smart farming solution using SAAS (software as a solution) that worked seamlessly on basic hardware technology and delivered real-time, on-demand information to farmers. Employing the latest technology trends we not only eliminated the need for the middle man but also helped farmers enhance their profits with factual and unfiltered information on pricing and crop management.

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