Business Objective

Business Objective

The prime goal was to digitally transform the network and create end-to-end network automation across networks & clouds of all sizes and architectures, from data center private clouds, large enterprise WANs to the largest public clouds in the world.

Client Nokia

Industry Telecommunication

Year 2017

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Business Challenge

Complex UI

The existing web application was based on a complex cappuccino framework and deeply interconnected with multiple network entities resulting in inconvenience and sluggish app performance

Poor Data Governance

Due to a highly complex hierarchical structure with more than 200 network entities, it was difficult to extract and manage the value from big data in a proper format

Inappropriate Virtualization

The existing system incorporates dedicated branch devices to support network functions. There wasn’t any holistic approach to securely manage VNFs and uCPEs connectivity across all locations using centralized policies

Business Solution

Successive built an on-demand, programmable SDN and SD-WAN solutions to optimize cloud or datacenter, automate security policies, and enhance business efficiency & productivity

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