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Business Objective

Business Objective

Meeting Hub’s idea to make meeting management effortless and more efficient for companies who struggled to find a meeting slot was much appreciated by anyone who heard about it. The company partnered with us to find the technological refuge it needed to function as a straightforward meeting room scheduling and managing platform.

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Business Challenge

Unfriendly User Experience

The current platform design had a sophisticated user interface which required manual functions leading to errors at the most fundamental level and unsatisfied users who struggled to wrap their head around the platform

Integration Issues

The platform did not integrate successfully with other calendars that businesses employed in their day-to-day workflow, which was also one of the reasons for miss management and scheduling errors.

Uncontrolled Space

Mismanagement and scheduling errors among other variables led to meeting rooms going empty and space not being optimally employed - a concern for organizations and it’s employees


Business Solution

A structured plan was put in place where both the designers and developers of Successive Technology came together to build a comprehensive front and back-end solution for Meeting Hub. Meeting room space utilization was maximized, meeting schedules were coordinated and streamlined, and centralized control was allowed to enhance transparency in the workflow

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