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Business Objective

Business Objective

TIO (Turn It On) was on a roll with its idea to modernize every home with a smart technology that enabled people to function activities like temperature, music, and light control, among others, via a single user interface on their mobile or tablet. However, with sluggish software and uninteresting UI, TIO learned that just the idea was not enough. People needed a smooth, interactive UI that was modern and worked effortlessly in their palms or between their hands.

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Business Challenge

Uninteresting Existing UI

People liked the idea, but the Lagging and often unresponsive application drove them away, leading to a declined user activity on the application.

Improper Integration

If it worked on a smartphone, it didn't work on iOS, Android ok, tablet - not so good. The entire front-end function of TIO ran haywire which again, led to the loss of existing users.

Complex Functions

Simple aspects like turning on lights and temperature control were complex and very sophisticated for an average joe trying to automate his home.


Business Solution

We understood the current situation and the dilemma that TIO was under. The UX designers at Successive Digital began by sketching several potential designs that met both the technological need of TIO and the experience demanded by its users. Prototyping followed by testing helped us construct the perfect design that helped TIO grow its engagement and revitalize the user experience on the app.

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