Business Objective

Business Objective

To design an intelligent smart home solution that can effectively monitor and control smart home appliances from a single app

Client Tio Homes

Industry ISV

Year 2017

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Business Challenge

Obsolete UI/UX

The existing application was outdated and involved a poor mix of graphics, layout, and interactive elements. Also, the app functionalities were complex and unmanageable. Consequently, the user engagement decreased and impacted productivity

Lack of Scalability

Owing to stability and scalability issues in the existing home automation software, the performance and usability of the app were highly impacted. The app lacked computability and interconnectivity, which resulted in less user interaction

Necessity of Android/iOS Design Setup

Tablet was a primary component in the system for operation and setup. To make the app more intuitive and adaptive, implementation of the iOS and Android designs were required

Business Solution

Successive developed a modernized cross-platform application for TIO homes to drive scalability, high user engagement and improved energy efficiency. We designed simple yet intuitive components for the app to mirror physical control systems like light switches, temperature controllers, and music systems. Also, we followed Fitt's law and optimized the placement of action elements for single-thumb usage.

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