Restler API — Beginner’s Guide

As the Official site states “Just deal with your business logic in php, Restler will take care of the REST! This was the exact excerpt from the official documentation of Restler. And this can’t be made any simpler than that. But if you are still figuring out I have sorted that out for you. It states […]

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A jaunt to California – Google I/O 2018!

The Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California experienced a wave of innovation and path-breaking ideation from May 8-10 this year. Google I/O, the annual developer festival, brought together developers from all over the world for a technical conference. Also allowing developers to learn directly from the pros, the highlight of I/O is when Google throws […]

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The GDPR leash

From exposing Equifax’s sensitive information of over 140 million Americans to an eBay cyberattack; From extraction of passwords and personal details from over 3 billion Yahoo accounts to a compromise on credit card information of Target customers, data breaches are no more an infrequent phenomenon. Hence, it has become all the more imperative to protect […]

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Don’t vex. Focus on UX!

Even if you aren’t a technology junkie or a design major, there is one term that has been used so many times that it has carved a niche for itself in the back of your mind, much like a constantly buzzing bee – ‘user experience (UX).’ It may seem like a voguish trend but has […]

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Dealing with a 9000 mi wide conference room

It is rightly said that in teamwork, silence isn’t golden; it’s deadly. This is evidenced by the fact that if you walk into an office, you’ll be able to spot innumerable ways in which teams communicate with one another – weekly 10 AM meetings, barging into someone’s cubicle to clear a doubt, discussions over lunch, […]

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