Importance of Whitespace in Good Design

Visual and graphic design is not something that started with the rise of the internet and the digital age, it has existed for more than three centuries, ever since the print media was commercialized. It obviously has evolved over all these years, now known as UI design and is a field of huge importance, now […]

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UI vs UX – The Yin & Yang of Product Design

If you are reading this, I assume you are a budding designer or developer who wants to understand the basics of this field or you might be a tech enthusiast who wants to learn more about design.  In any case, you will find this article useful and it will be worthwhile of your valuable time. […]

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Serverless Computing

The wave of digital transformation has left companies racing to improve end-user experiences, part of which involves improving developer operations to achieve greater business outcomes. The introduction of cloud computing changed the way companies ‒ across industries ‒ think about IT infrastructure, eventually prompting the rise of containers, like Docker and Kubernetes, that enabled developers […]

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Psychology and UX

You probably come across various billboards, hoardings, posters, notices, messages, letters or even just images and text on paper every day. Some of these may be important and would require your attention, and others would be just be something you saw while traveling to work, scrolling through your feed or going through a magazine/ newspaper […]

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AI vs ML vs DL

AI vs ML vs DL, the very phrase brings out a raging sense of conflict to our minds, but this is far from reality. Actually, these are all deeply interconnected terms in their beings. With Deep learning (DI) forming a part of Machine Learning (ML) which in turn is component of Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, […]

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