6 Disruptive Future Technologies

There has been a huge increase in the technology involved in the daily life of humans in the past 50 years. From engineers feeding in 0s and 1s into a room-sized computer to a wrist watch reminding us to complete our daily goal of 20,000 steps, technology has come a long way. The common man […]

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Implementing MuPDF Library for Android

Problem Statement Developing apps that require you to show PDF files can sometimes be very complex. If there is a requirement that needs you to do text highlighting and pdf manipulation then it becomes very difficult. Of course Android provides its own API by the name PdfRenderer[Added in API 21], but it does not have many […]

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How To Uplift Your Brand With Chatbots

A chatbot is a program, powered by rules and AI, which simulates a real interaction with users via a chat interface. In other words, a chatbot is a service that can have a conversation with you just like a real person. Chatbots are based on Machine Learning to gather conversational cadences that allow them to […]

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Unit Testing React, D3 with Enzyme and Jest

Introduction: — This blog is for how to test React component with Enzyme and Jest. In this blog, here we are discussing how to test react components which have d3 content with the help of Enzyme and Jest. This blog helps you to write test cases and also help you to choose the correct testing […]

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Microblog: Promulgation of Winning UXIndia 2019

It’s a matter of great delight for us to apprise you of our recent accomplishments at UX-INDIA org which has been pioneering design for over 15 years. The event includes enthralling talks, unique workshops, and thought-provoking interactions led by passionate thinkers and makers. UXINDIA 2019 was celebrated on 09, 10 & 11 September at Novotel Hyderabad Convention […]

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