How Struggle Sharpens your Ability to Innovate

It has always been a source of immense amazement to me how every successful person on this planet has had a story filled with struggle, perseverance, and failure. Not one tall tale of success, have I ever encountered that was all about things being served in a platter to the guy and then someone holding […]

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Android UI vs IOS UI

User Interface (UI) as dynamic as it is, individually takes yet another turn in the diversity section when we come to comparing Android and IOS.  You must have heard sagas of the differences between the android and iOS users each pleading a case of how their operating system is better than the other. But what […]

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Importance of User Research

User Research, the term brings to mind a complex looking image with stacks of paper, graphs and diagrams, computers, figures, and whatnot. If this is true for you too, then you are not wrong. It does in-fact consist of an infinitely straining series of events, each more complex than the other.  Then why do so […]

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Future of Mobile Technology

Mobile phones have crept in our daily lives with such ferocity that one can’t be separated from the other. Let alone a man or a woman you don’t even see children without mobile phones now. Within a small period of two decades, these devices have upgraded themselves exponentially. Initially, it was just meant to be […]

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How business process are transformed through AI

Artificial Intelligence, popularly known as AI is no longer a fickle concept having an audience only in movies and sci-fi TV shows. No, the real and most diverse and demanding audience of this concept are the very companies that you interact with today, on an everyday basis. These are not just software companies like Apple […]

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