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Successive Digital and Strapi Announces Strategic Partnership

Successive Digital, a next-gen (CMMI Level-3) technology consulting and services company headquartered in India, is proud to announce a comprehensive technology and go-to-market strategic partnership with Strapi. The tight integration provides visible benefits and development perspectives for both enterprises.

As a strategic partner, both the companies will unlock critical value from their digital transformation initiatives and expand their business solutions.

With more than 34 K stars, 3M downloads, and 600 individual contributors, Strapi is one of the fastest-growing headless CMS (Content Management System). It is open-source, API-driven, self-hosted, 100% JavaScript based, and most flexible & extensible. It includes a well-defined API that allows developers to create, deploy and manage the content seamlessly on various digital channels without redeploying, changing codebase, and display layers.

The Strapi Professional Partnership reflects our commitment and dedication to the community. It also drives commitment to deliver top-quality solutions. Successive looks ahead to accelerate content delivery while building better digital experiences helping businesses achieve their desired outcomes.

Sid Pandey, Chief Executive Officer at Successive, comments:

“Strapi has always allowed us to build digital solutions that are ahead of the curve. Our designers & developers, who deliver Strapi websites tailored to our clients’ business requirements, are enthusiastic about learning how to combine our award-winning technology services with the talented Strapi team. Also, how we will continue to deliver first-class websites, web apps, & mobile apps to our customers.”

Gary Malik, Chief Strategy Officer at Successive, comments:

“We’re excited to be a part of Strapi’s ever-growing Professional Partner community. As a business, we’re thrilled to unravel this partnership’s mutual benefit. Strapi knows how to go the extra mile for a client to create promoters instead of just satisfied customers. And this fits right into Successive values and Strategy! I am super excited to build a close Professional Partnership with the Strapi team!”

Pierre Burgy, CEO at Strapi, comments:

“We are excited to partner with Successive Digital to empower developers to quickly and easily create millions of digital projects thanks to an open-source, multi-platform and customizable CMS. Successive Digital is Strapi’s first technology and Go-To-Market partner in India, and we look forward to enabling local companies to accelerate content delivery while building better digital experiences.

As a Professional Partner, Successive can create innovative and cutting-edge solutions for any digital product, channel, or device. They also benefit from backend functionalities for websites and apps built with the JAMstack, most popular front-end frameworks including Gatsby, Nuxt, Next.js or another static site generator, and most databases, both REST and GraphQL API. Successive is happily learning the value that this Professional Partnership will bring to both existing and upcoming clients.

About Successive Digital

Founded in 2012, Successive is a next-gen technology consulting services company purpose-built for modern business speed. Our expertise includes digital transformation, enterprise cloud, mobility, application security, and application development solutions. We specialize in Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration, DevOps Automation, DevSecOps & Enterprise Content Management. Our innovative approaches, thought process, and automation mindset help businesses build a strong business transformation foundation and customer satisfaction.