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Successive Digital: Transforming Organization Through Their Best-in-class Digital Transformation Services

Successive Digital is next-generation technology consulting services company purpose-built for the speed of modern business. They transform business through their best-in-class digital transformation, product engineering, enterprise cloud, mobility, security solutions and applications development services. Their team of 700+ professionals and subject matter experts help businesses accelerate faster and attain desired results For over 12 years, Successive Digital has partnered with businesses across every major industry to make amazing products, solutions and connect the dots between people, innovation, and business opportunities. The company has acquired some big clientele like Dentsu, Nokia, PWC, ISOBAR, Mahindra, ACL Sinch, 10 Federal and Johnson Controls among others. They have been honoured with the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India award for the fourth time in a row. About the Founder Siddharth Pandey, Founder, and CEO, Successive Digital, have always focused on developing high-quality business strategies and plans that align with both short-term and long-term objectives of the company. His strategies revolve around people and partnerships over processes and profits. He constantly puts efforts to lead the company with a value-driven and culture-focused environment where trust, integrity, innovation, and joy are practiced. As a leader, he challenges his team to do better and ensure that there are more and more opportunities for them to work on different kinds of technologies and projects. He also likes to empower them with freedom of speech and the freedom to pick the kind of work and career path they desire by encouraging them to think about automation, transformation, and innovation throughout their journey with the company. Leading by Domain Knowledge “At Successive, we do not have KRAs, we have projects. For every single project that comes onto the floor, we decide and discuss based on knowledge, expertise, and available ideas in terms of who the best set of individuals are to take it on. I believe that our technological expertise, specific domain experience, and a passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions always keeps us going and makes us outstanding,” says Siddharth. Customer centricity is their primary goal. Their constant endeavor is to use the latest technologies and innovative approaches to help businesses overcome hurdles and issues that come in their way of progress. “We accomplish this by creating new-age solutions that enhance their capabilities and enable them to engage with their customers in a more meaningful way, leading to enriched experiences. And we constantly challenge ourselves to achieve this in the shortest time possible,” he adds.

The company’s key driving force is its innovation with a digital mindset. They are always innovating with this motive and enhancing their business intelligence, digital offerings based on changing market trends and demands. Overcoming Challenges Like any other company, Successive Digital faced challenges during the pandemic. Siddharth says, “Our immediate focus was on maintaining employee health and safety while also ensuring employee productivity and the overall team spirit didn’t get impacted during remote work. The worldwide lockdown made us come up with creative solutions to maintain a cohesive culture. It helped us respond better to the human consequences of remote employees.” The company pursued online weekly staff meetings and daily connects to keep employees informed about what the company is doing. “We used every opportunity to reinforce culture along the way to create an environment in which people communicated frequently and felt connected. We included weekly and monthly programmes like online yoga and meditation training and mindfulness sessions to ensure the good mental and physical health of our personnel. We initiated a new health and vaccination policy and got our employees and their family members vaccinated,” he adds. All the pro-activeness and efforts kept them afloat smoothly during the pandemic. They continue to rely on cultures of innovation and flexibility as the work environment continues to evolve.

Future Endeavors The company aims to become the market leader in all the verticals. “We have set up a growth engine that enables our marketing and sales teams for customer acquisition. We have grown double in headcount from 2020 and the number is growing. On the business front, we are aggressively targeting a tenfold increase in growth over the next five years,” he asserts. The company strives to emerge as the long-term center of innovation and excellence partner for enterprise customers and solve their challenges with their passionate, self-organized, & ‘always on’ team. Siddharth concludes by saying, “Culture change and a new mindset will define future success for the business. Technology-enabled transformation is a new reality. Rethinking and re-analyzing ground rules, beliefs, and assumptions are needed to be addressed to avoid an existential crisis. Only then will companies be able to stay relevant in these constantly changing times and differentiate themselves from the competition. Leaders must think creatively and embrace innovation to create breakthrough value for their customers.”

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Successive Digital: Transforming Organization Through Their Best-in-class Digital Transformation Services