PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor being the most preferred and popular languages for web application development allows developers to create interactive and dynamic content. PHP is one of the leading and most preferred languages for web application development. It is used for all web applications ranging from small to enterprise level.

About PHP

PHP is a server side scripting language embedded in HTML. Along with a simple structure it uses clean code. PHP is used to manage dynamic content, databases, session tracking and is also used to build e-commerce sites. It is an open source framework and the execution of the code doesn't even require a compiler.


Some of the outstanding features of PHP that makes it stand out of the rest of the scripting languages are:

Integrated with numerous popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase etc.

PHP supports the modification of elements within your database.

Provides Security, Simplicity, Efficiency and Flexibility.

It is an open source scripting language thereby making it cost efficient.

It has a powerful library support and takes a short time to market.

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