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Successive Digital X Growers: Advancing Agricultural Supply Chain Solutions

Successive Digital and Growers collaborated to streamline farming operations and transactions within the agricultural supply chain. The two companies are committed to overcoming industry challenges and driving innovation that empowers farmers and retailers.

Growers and Successive Digital exemplifies a collaborative approach to tackling key challenges in the agricultural industry. By leveraging their combined expertise, the partnership has developed innovative solutions to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and promote seamless interactions within the agricultural ecosystem. 

Collaboration has the power to achieve substantial change. Our cooperation with Growers reflects a shared goal to transform the agriculture sector, making it more efficient, sustainable, and accessible to all. Together, we empower farmers and retailers, streamline transactions, and bring a technological change in agritech, said Sushant Taneja, AVP Account Management. 

Growers sought to create a more cohesive ecosystem that would link farmers and merchants, making goods and services easily accessible so farmers could operate more profitably and sustainably and strengthening ties between manufacturers, retailers, and growers.

Here’s what Steven Valenscin, CEO @Growers has to say:

They collaborated with Successive Digital to create two mobile applications that enhance the user interface and expedite transactions in the agriculture ecosystem. Together, they put into practice several features, including sponsored banners, product request management, push alerts, chat functionality, diversified payment choices, personalized product suggestions, streamlined bidding platforms, and chat functionality. In addition, AWS services and infrastructure were used for high performance while accomplishing end-to-end functionality with a Node.js-powered backend. 

The partnership delivered a solution that significantly enhanced user experience, productivity, and operational efficiency. It uses a robust tech stack that includes PostgreSQL, Firebase, TypeScript, React, React Native, and Express and AWS services like Lambda, ECS, Fargate, RDS, and DynamoDB.

Through this strategic alliance, Growers and Successive Digital delivered significant advancements that will transform how farmers and retailers engage and transact within the agricultural supply chain.

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