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Understanding Conversational AI Technology

Put simply, conversational AI refers to technology that can automate communication by using speech-based assistants, messaging apps, and chatbots. This helps businesses in creating a highly personalized experience at scale.

Today, conversational AIs are more popular than ever, and their rapid advancement points to a future where we are likely to become more reliant on this technology for our daily tasks. The best UI UX design services are requested time and again by businesses to integrate conversational AIs into their operations.

For example, you or someone you know may have Google Home or Amazon Alexa at home. These are two of the most popular speech-based assistants available in the market today. You can have conversations with these AIs, ask them to carry out certain tasks for you such as setting up an appointment, ask them to play music, etc., simply by talking to them as you would to another human being.

What makes conversational AI Technology so appealing to the masses is that they are driven by a language we are already comfortable with. Whether they are chatbots or speech-based assistants, you don’t have to learn complex processes to operate a conversational AI. They can either be engaged with using full sentences or using word options from a menu and can support two-way interactions with the user, thus connecting humans and machines like never before.

How conversational AIs can affect your business

It’s not difficult to see how businesses can benefit from the power of conversational AIs. One of the key appeals of this technology is that it can carry out personalized interactions with many individual customers simultaneously. On top of this, it enhances engagement and streamlines communication, thus providing an overall better customer experience.

By enabling businesses to hold seamless and synchronized communications with their customers on whatever channel the customers may be using, conversational AIs allow improved efficiency and better customer satisfaction. For example, a customer on a website using chatbots for a query can have any issue resolved in a matter of a few minutes, without having to wait to speak to a representative.

Customers today are already pretty familiar with conversational AI in its different avatars. The younger generation prefers to communicate over conversational AI-enabled platforms than other forms of communication such as phone calls.

Thanks to its ease of use and its efficient nature, conversational AI is gaining momentum, with many top UX design firms investing in it. This means that businesses can use this modern technology to automate customer-focused touchpoints on various channels including their website, social media, and even smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home.


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