Digital Loyalty: Enhancing Customer Experience and Engagement

Implementing Strapi for a Leading Japanese Travel & Hospitality Company for improved user experience, seamless content delivery, and enhanced online presence. 

About this

About this project

In the highly competitive hospitality sector, leveraging modern technology to foster brand loyalty is imperative. Our client, a prominent hospitality name in the APAC region, sought to transform their customer engagement platform by developing a rewards and loyalty application with digital innovation to augment customer satisfaction and loyalty. This initiative entailed deploying scalable, intuitive applications integrated with data analytics to streamline relationship management and enable targeted marketing strategies, thereby boosting guest interaction. However, the client's reliance on outdated technological frameworks resulted in higher operational costs, limited control, and potential service disruptions, hindering their ability to offer a consistent brand experience. Furthermore, the existing CMS needed more global reach and multi-language support, leading to operational inefficiencies and a disjointed customer experience. The technological framework also required contributing more to scaling, which impacted the client's ability to manage high-traffic volumes and integrate contemporary digital tools.


Application Modernization, Customer Experience




About the client

Our client is a leading travel and hospitality provider in Japan, offering a vast selection of hotel rooms nationwide. With thousands of options available, they ensure you find the best deals in convenient locations. Whether you're traveling last minute, with family, or on business, they have the perfect hotel deal for you. Their multilingual staff is readily available to assist when needed. Additionally, their Best Price Guarantee and Free Cancellation Policy offer peace of mind for your next booking.

About the client About the client


Technology Architecture

Successive Digital developed an advanced architecture to ensure a scalable, secure, and efficient digital ecosystem. At the core of this architecture was Strapi headless CMS, providing a seamless content management experience. The team designed a robust application interface utilizing MySQL for database management, React, React Native for frontend development, and Node.js for backend services. Jenkins was employed to streamline build processes and code management, and Atlassian Bitbucket was used to automate the code repository and control version.

Comprehensive Application Methodology

Our technology experts aimed to create an adaptable and future-proof rewards and loyalty program that integrates seamlessly with the client’s existing systems while allowing for future growth. The application methodology comprised advanced technologies to enhance content delivery, ensure seamless data synchronization across services, and provide a secure, scalable foundation for all customer-facing and internal operations.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  1. Implemented an in-app customer feedback mechanism, automated member tier progression, and multilingual support to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Integrated with POS systems, enabled real-time data analytics, and utilized personalization algorithms to improve operational efficiency and tailor customer experiences.
  3. Developed dynamic customer journey mapping automated email campaigns and ensured scalability for peak loads to support seamless and personalized interactions at all times.

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