Business Objective

Business Objective

In a global market dominated by online payments, merchants are on the receiving side of the high cost of transactions. BIM sought a helping hand in developing a comprehensive system that brought transaction costs down and helped merchants with a dashboard that made online payment management effortless.

Business Challenge

Fraud Management

A streamlined system for monitoring, analyzing, and verifying crucial details wasn’t in place which allowed room for frequent frauds and payment issues.

Inconsistent Reporting

Merchants were bound by a dashboard with limited features and an irregular reporting system. Significant improvements were needed in the UX department.

Secure Payments

ACH (Automated Clearing House) integration; backbone to the entire operation of BIM lacked security and demanded better integration.


Business Solution

The Successive Digital team worked in two parallels mainly — transactions and enrolment. Where, on the one hand, we restricted the existing User Interface of BIM to render it more merchant friendly, the backed team, on the other hand, developed a secure and fraud-proof system with various third-party API integrations. Transaction tracking and content management were some of the many tools that were added making the overall system personalized and tailored to merchant needs.

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