5 Ways Agile and DevOps Helps Drive Digital Transformation

Summary: Agile and DevOps are two popular IT-driven approaches for a successful digital transformation. Why? They allow you to reduce risk, speed up change, streamline collaboration, improve feedback loops, and deliver faster, more frequent releases. To know more, read. 

Is your organization implementing DevOps for smooth business operations? Or are you starting with a DevOps program? You know you can maximize your chances of achieving the desired business outcomes. You need to combine DevOps with the Agile method. The blog is all about this. It discusses how Agile and DevOps help drive digital transformation in businesses.

Why Choose Agile and DevOps?

Most organizations move to agile software development and then towards DevOps. These are the two key steps in their digital transformation journeys. Developers face many challenges in software development, from delayed feedback loops to inter-departmental complexities. 

If they remain unchecked, these can affect product quality. Agree! And, to save the day in such complex scenarios, we have Agile and DevOps.

Agile and DevOps both work in conjunction to deliver better quality products and services.

Here is a quick overview of Agile and DevOps- 

Agile brings collaboration among self-organizing and cross-functional teams and the software’s end-users. It aims to enhance quality and speed.

DevOps blends software development and IT operations. It aims to reduce lifecycle development and ensure continuous app delivery.

DevOps and Agile together redefine the path of digital transformation. Enterprises worldwide are leveraging their benefits to meet the highest customer service standards.

Top Benefits of Digital Transformation Using DevOps and Agile:

● Maximize collaboration

● Minimization of hardware provisioning

● Implementation of continuous integration/delivery pipeline

● Services with a ‘one-click’ deployment

● Modernization of IT infrastructure and applications

● API- enabling of legacy systems

● The shift from monolithic technology to a micro-services architecture

5 Ways to Use DevOps & Agile Services Together

Here are smart ways to show how an organization can head towards a transformative process using DevOps and Agile. Have a look:

  • Start With Assessment

Start by assessing the current state of the organization. It is the prime step that will help create a roadmap for the next steps. It covers cultural readiness, leadership responsibility, previous implementations, and the IT service management process.

  • Start with Small and Straightforward Strategy

Apply Agility step by step. First, create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to give value to the organization, customers, and employees. How? Through quick processes and supporting technologies.

  • Discover and Evaluate Challenges Individually

An organization includes four types of problems: simple, complex, complicated, and chaotic. You should address all these problems and use the best-suited principles and practices. Automation is the best solution. You can apply it quickly to questions. It results in fewer errors, increased efficiency, and improved employee satisfaction.

  • Lead Across Cultures

Leaders need to support crucial cultural changes. These changes enable communication across the business. The organization should also encourage employees to understand and get accustomed to the DevOps and Agile environment. Why? Because it is a two-way process. 

  • Continuous Optimization 

No matter how much perfect the current solutions are, there is still scope for improvements. There are circumstances where you encounter new uncertainties. It would be best to remain competitive always. It is continuous optimization. It applies to software products, processes, tools, and transformative efforts.

Once you have implemented the changes and achieved goals, you need to track changed performance metrics. Why?  To ensure that they show value and reinforce team efforts.

Final Words

Enabling digital transformation is not a cakewalk at all. Its challenges are tractable. With the help of DevOps and Agile, you can not only enhance your organization’s potential but streamline a comprehensive change plan.

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