Quality Assured: From Initiation to Execution

Software defects have a direct and negative impact on profitability. To overcome this and to achieve the highest levels of quality assurance, Successive Technologies brings together robust testing expertise and quality engineering solutions you can trust. Our dedicated QA professionals verify and ensure that each of your software application’s functions operates in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications, ensuring adherence and added value.

Why Should Your Business Consider Software Testing

An AI-led, analytics-driven approach to software and application quality – for success in the digital world

Functional Testing

We adopt rigorous testing methodologies like functional, regression, and cross-browser testing to ensure an application always remains up, running, and high performing.

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Stress Testing

We ensure robustness and reliability of systems by performing intense testing like load, performance, and stability, which is beyond the limits of normal operations.

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Mobile Testing

Applications are tested for their functionality, usability, and consistency to ensure they serve the business purpose of being highly user-friendly, scalable, and being of optimum quality.

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Non-Functional Testing

We test your system on several non-functional testing parameters to identify the way it operates and mitigates the absence of inaccuracies and ambiguities.

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How We Deliver Only Best QA Services

Our software testing and QA testing services involve different processes to identify quality, security, and adequate system operation. Therefore, we have adopted a QA model: QA specialists define the approach and methodology of product testing based on document analysis, then they set up a work plan, build test cases and prepare checklists to easily convert results into a report.

Deliver Products that an End-user Wants

We work on ensuring the deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards & implement best practices.


Improve application performance


Reduce development costs


Prevent slowdowns


Standardize processes


Secure usability


Enhance workflow traceability

Our Approach for Successful Product Delivery

To provide best-in-class QA services, our dedicated team uses well-defined and efficient testing tools and processes for attaining the desired results.


Choosing the optimum QA strategy


Choosing the right software tools


Test or sprint planning


Setting up the environment and preparing test cases


Test execution and defects reporting


Transferring the QA deliverables


Deliverables check


Conducting a post-project or post-sprint review

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