Business Objective

Business Objective

To develop a versatile network traffic analytics tool for generating real-time traffic reports effectively and leverage data-driven decision making

Client ACL

Industry Telecommunication

Year 2017

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Business Challenge

System Malfunctioning

The unavailability of a fail-safe system and services impacted the request generating process. This, however, was leading to multiple dropped and lost requests

Data Fetching Errors

The platform had a huge SQL database containing billions of records, which further resulted in data fetching issues and slower functions to track real-time results

Complex Database Architecture

Due to complex database architecture, the filtering of data was becoming a challenge at a particular time. This, as a result, increased server loading and performance issues

Business Solution

Successive created an intuitive and scalable web application with a key focus on providing a real-time, accurate network traffic status of delivered messages. With a highly optimized filtering process, data fetching can be done within seconds, even after querying billions of records. Also, we used GPU-based database SQream for database indexing and optimization of DB queries to ensure fast records retrieval

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