Business Objective

Business Objective

In the highly competitive hospitality sector, leveraging modern technology to foster brand loyalty is imperative. Our client, a prominent hospitality conglomerate in the APAC region, sought to transform their customer engagement paradigm. The goal was to develop a rewards and loyalty application underpinned by digital innovation to augment customer satisfaction and loyalty. This entailed the deployment of scalable, intuitive applications integrated with data analytics to streamline relationship management and enable targeted marketing strategies to boost guest interaction.

Business Challenges

Dependency on Third-party Services

This reliance resulted in higher operational costs, limited control, and potential service disruptions, hindering the client's ability to offer a consistent brand experience.

Outdated Content Management System (CMS)

The existing CMS needed more global reach and multi-language support, leading to operational inefficiencies and a disjointed customer experience.

Inadequate Technology Infrastructure

The existing technological framework needed to be more conducive to scaling, impacting the client's ability to manage high-traffic volumes and integrate contemporary digital tools.


Business Solution

Successive Digital devised an intricate technology architecture, ensuring a scalable, secure, and efficient digital ecosystem. Central to this architecture was Strapi headless CMS, offering a seamless content management experience. Our team designed a robust application interface that included MySQL for database management, React, and React Native for frontend development, Node.js for backend services, Jenkins for build automation, and Atlassian Bitbucket for code repository and version control. With a vision to create an adaptable and future-proof reward and loyalty program that seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing architecture while providing the flexibility to evolve with growing business needs; our technology experts crafted a comprehensive application methodology comprising advanced technologies to enhance content delivery, ensure seamless data synchronization across services, and provide a secure, scalable foundation for all customer-facing and internal operations. To build automation and version control, Jenkins and Atlassian Bitbucket were employed for streamlined build processes and effective code management.

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