Business Objective

Business Objective

JCI Mobile wanted to develop an application that helped its employees view critical data on the go. It was named iLEAP, and we helped JCI Mobile reinstate it with complete automacy via a mobile interface.

Business Challenge

Partial Automation

Although iLEAP had working modules, they were highly dependent on manual functions at some level which made certain processes time-consuming.

Lack of Flexibility

The sales team had to visit and log in to the website to find details on orders and pricing.

Nonuniform Communication

Lead and General admins worked separately and were not in sync in real-time with respect to site audit management.


Business Solution

We reworked the existing modules of iLEAP and developed new ones, namely Newsletters and Pricing. With a responsive mobile application, employees could effortlessly check crucial information via tools like Container Pricing and Order Tracking. Admins, on the other hand, were now able to send multiple newsletters inside the organization with just a few clicks. Information was more disposable thanks to the application. In the end, overall employee performance grew, and information transformation was streamlined.

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