Improving Logistics Operations for a Leading SCM Provider

Increased workflow efficiency by over 60% and enhanced lead generation procedures with a robust SCM solution for the client.

About this

About this project

The client wanted to build a dual-model system that can help with two distinct functions. First, they required the system to collect and streamline visitor data reflected on the Salesforce interface, which the sales team could employ to prepare reports and pursue qualified leads. Second, it would also function as a step-by-step mechanism to assist interested leads easily onboard. They wanted the system to help them with automated lead verification that could help them validate qualified leads and push them to the further onboarding process.


About the client

The client is a leading company that helps customers with end-to-end supply chain management. They provide support with transportation and logistics to fulfill the delivery and shipping requirements in the local regions of the USA. The client aims to provide logistics support to ensure faster deliveries, transparent order tracking, and affordable shipping.

About the client About the client


Web Development

We utilized tech stacks such as HTML, PHP, and WordPress to develop fast-loading and responsive web pages. These web pages were customized to align with the client’s brand image and generate more leads for them.

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Form Integration

We added a basic form as well as a detailed form for interested leads to help the client segregate potential leads and reach the qualified ones for further communication. An automated confidentiality form was also integrated, providing an added authority level to the work process.

Data Management

We utilized Salesforce CRM capabilities and integrated them with the client’s system for effective data management and retrieval upon specific requirements. 



Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Potential customers were able to specify their requirements online, which helped the sales team prepare a personalized approach.
  • Our solution helped increase the rate of qualified leads and potential business growth for the client.
  • Analytical operations, including tracking, analyzing, and reporting, were streamlined with CRM integration.

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