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Keyword Analyzer allows digital marketers to plan their PPC and organic campaigns smartly by offering data insights on billions of keywords beyond the scope of typical parameters.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges we faced

There are almost 5 billion searches made on search engines in the world daily. The associated data sets generated with these searches is huge and our major challenge was to handle that correctly. Keyword Analyser has different keyword modes that offer deep insights for marketing campaigns.

We used technologies like React, Redux, Highcharts, for efficient visualisation of data. The UI was kept clean and professional to allow for the users to easily navigate to the insights they need.

Working out the details

Features of Keyword Analyzer

Keyword Analyzer is one of the most advanced keyword research tools that digital marketers can use to plan better campaigns.

Query Records

Search through billions of records to extract meaningful data that advertisers can use for their campaigns.

Enhanced Search

To enhance the queries and reporting, SQream Big Data database was used to query billions of records.

Competitor Analysis

Analyse what your competitors are doing with reports on their organic and inorganic keywords.

Enhanced Reporting

To enhance the experience, detailed reports are displayed in the SPA for better user experience and faster loading.

Keyword Competitiveness

Using the average keyword competitiveness metric, you can calculate the viability of keyword ideas for your brand.

Daily Rank Tacker

Check keyword ranking of your website on a daily basis and keep optimizing your strategy.

Technologies Used


Proposed Solution

We used AWS Lambda, a serverless computing platform, for keyword processing. We deployed 3 different Lambda functions for competition analysis, rank tracking, and site age calculation respectively.

The data retrieved from the web scraping tools are sent using the Kafka messaging system to guarantee high performance and better fault tolerance.

We limited usage of the main server resources by creating a consumer microservice to process the entire data sent on the Kafka service and deploying it to a different location.

The consumer microservice processes the links and then generates the KC score for the specific keyword and then updates them on MongoDB.

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The need for Keyword Analyzer was born out of the experience of spending countless hours searching for low competition keywords. This software allows you to generate thousands of keywords using data from the Google keyword tool.

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