Noida | India
Lead Engineer

Performance Engineering

  • Qualifiaction B.Tech(CS-IT) / MCA
  • Experience8 - 10 Years
  • Evolve our existing cloud-stack running on aws so that we can have a separate dev, uat
  • Prod environments completely constructed and managed via iac (infrastructure as Code)
  • The devsecops specialist will be able to work with an existing code-base and stack
  • Expectations that can be shaped/molded to "stated vision for devsecops
  • The devsecops specialist will be skilled/experienced in working with an "agile approach of Incremental iterations and milestones
  • The devsecops specialist will be expected to work full time at approximately 40 hours per week
Desired Skills:
  • Cloud-Stack
  • AWS
  • Microservices deployed on K8S using EKS
  • Databases
  • RDS/Aurora PostgreSQL (high availability)
  • Separate TimescaleDB cluster (managed service provided by Timescale DB
  • File/Object Storage
  • 10+ TB of data on S3
  • 1+ TB on EF
  • Prometheus /Grafana
  • CloudWatch
  • SES
  • CI/CD