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Display Now app allows businesses to manage, control and operate their display devices for meetings, advertisements, entertainment etc remotely from a single admin app.

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Impediments Overcome

Challenges we faced

Conventional ways of using presentations to display content and run them manually is a pain to manage at multiple display locations. Businesses face challenges in communicating seamlessly with their customers, grabbing their attention and displaying dynamic and contextual content via traditional methods. There is also a need for businesses to reduce the cost of traditional campaigns, by saving money on printing, distribution and waste materials that get discarded after the promotion has ended.

The solution includes the development of a UWP application with capabilities to run the management console as a progressive web application and allow users to use the application as-it-is on any device or platform, set up displays and configure screens for display at any location and manage them remotely. The content can be updated and launched on the go. Users can download the application from the Microsoft store, log in using Microsoft or Google account, and smartly manage displays on the browser.

Working out the details

Features of Display Now

Businesses can create a Display List, feed in the details of the content they want to show, tag content to any number of screens and that’s it. The system will start presenting the content in real-time.

Set up Displays

It allows you to manage a huge number of displays and their content running from a centralized location.

Set up Display Lists

It allows you to create and manage display lists for multiple displays from a single location.

Display Status

Users can see the status of the displays at a quick glance to know whether the displays are up or not.

Real Time Content Update

Content can be updated while the display is running, and the displays get refreshed automatically.

Remote Management

Multiple displays can be managed remotely via the management console run on any browser on any device.

Simple Display Registration

All kinds of displays can be registered via just a 4-digit display code generated by a single click.

Technologies Used

Angular js

Proposed Solution

Businesses can create a Display List, key in what they want to show, tag content to any number of screens and they’ll start presenting the content in real-time. They will also get to see the status at a glance and know whether their presentation is up and running vs. displaying a lock screen or desktop wallpaper.

Display Now allows businesses to run their screen signage without any interruption. It comes with the USP to update content in real-time, and manage a huge number of screens easily. It helps them captivate audience attention by continuing to display images, videos, sound, etc. and increase sales.

Display Now provides painless setup as it needs businesses to simply download the app, sign into the Manager to register the display with a simple code, and choose a display list to start.

We got the opportunity to design a progressive web application that can run across devices without writing separate code for them and leveraged the concept to the application’s benefits.

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The solution allowed our team to implement out tech ideas along with building a solution which solves real business problems by helping them manage multiple displays and their content remotely on-the-go.

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