Business Objective

Business Objective

Our client, Growers, is leading the way in technological advancements within the agricultural sector. They aim to make innovative tools accessible to farmers and retailers and promote seamless interactions and transactions within the agricultural supply chain. Our partnership with Growers is centered around optimizing farming operations and transactions by integrating precision technologies, developing a unified bidding platform, and ensuring convenience for farmers and retailers within the agricultural ecosystem.

Business Challenge

Simple And Effective User Experience

- Growers aimed to have a user-friendly app experience for farmers and retailers. - They envisioned high-quality mobile applications that mirror and improve the functionality of their existing progressive web application (PWA) while incorporating new essential business functionalities.

End-to-End Functionality

- The challenge was to achieve end-to-end functionality with a backend powered by Node.js and maximize AWS services and infrastructure for optimal performance within two months. - Required a robust and efficient system that could handle the complex requirements of the agricultural sector.

Enhanced Ecosystem for Farmers and Retailers

- Growers wanted to develop an enhanced ecosystem to unite farmers and retailers. - Aimed to help farmers by providing easy access to products and services to run more profitable and sustainable farms while enhancing retailers', manufacturers', and growers' relationships.

Business Solution

Our team partnered with Growers to develop two mobile applications that improve user experience and streamline transactions in the agricultural ecosystem. We implemented various payment options, a rewards program, push notifications, sponsored banners, and chat functionality to enhance communication between farmers and retailers. Additionally, we introduced retailer and product localization, which are product strategies to meet customers’ specific needs and preferences in different geographic regions. We utilized AWS services for optimal backend infrastructure performance, scalability, security, and reliability. Through our collaboration, we successfully enhanced Growers’ technological capabilities, delivering a solution that drives significant improvements in user experience and operational efficiency.

One of the features we introduced was integrating various payment options using Stripe Connect, including credit cards, ACH, Need Financing, and On-Account payment methods. We also implemented a rewards program to incentivize farmers and encourage engagement, which we managed through Talon.One. Key advantages include increased engagement and loyalty from farmers and retailers, incentivized purchasing of specific products, and potential for higher sales volumes. We also introduced push notifications for significant events, enabling real-time communication with users. Important updates, announcements, or time-sensitive information are shared instantly to the user’s device. By integrating Google Analytics, we enabled comprehensive user journey analysis and activity tracking, providing valuable insights for optimization. 

Furthermore, we facilitated real-time communication between farmers and retailers by integrating chat functionality, which took retailer-farmer collaboration to the next level.

Our team also developed seamless administrative operations functionalities, which enabled administrators to manage system operations effortlessly. We took supportive backend work to enable the integration and functionality of these features within Growers’ existing AWS architecture. 

This involved meticulous planning, development, and testing to ensure seamless interoperability and optimal performance. We utilized AWS services such as ECS, Fargate, WAF, and additionally, serverless services such as AWS EventBridge, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and PostgreSQL on RDS for efficient database management, scalability, security, and reliability of the backend infrastructure. Finally, we provided guidance and instructions for setting up CI/CD pipelines tailored explicitly for mobile applications. 

By sharing expertise on creating iOS and Android builds using CI, we empowered Growers to streamline their development process and ensure rapid and reliable deployment of updates. Through our comprehensive approach and collaboration with Growers, we successfully enhanced their technological capabilities, delivering a solution that met and exceeded their expectations, driving significant improvements in user experience and operational efficiency.

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