Business Objective

Business Objective

The company we engaged with was a leading supply chain management provider, sought our assistance to build a comprehensive online system with dual characteristics. The mechanism had to assist its marketing and sales department to analyze and track qualified leads through the backend. The frontend interface, on the other hand, was for the customers to purchase statistical transportation insights via their website, in an automated manner with an added condition to sign an NDA before the final billing.

Business Challenge

One Interface Dual Function

The company wanted to use the mechanism in two ways which meant optimizing the overall system, both for the internal team as well as for potential leads.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Automacy in sharing statistical insights meant sharing privileged data that required some kind of confidentiality agreement.

Verify Each Lead

To make the system more robust, tedious verification processes had to be put in place at every step.


Business Solution

We worked both on the front and backend of the company's interface and built a user experience-rich system that began from simple form-filling to email verification, detail form, and support. With third-party integrations like Salesforce API, we rendered data transfer effortless. An automated confidentiality form was also integrated that provided an added level of authority to the work process.

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