Business Objective

Business Objective

The client operates multiple eCommerce stores and wanted a one-stop solution that could transform these stores into multi-vendor platforms. The aim was to connect all the concerned parties. In other words, they wanted a platform where merchants can overview all operations, onboard vendors, and view the relevant commission details, and vendors can optimize inventory, manage orders, and complete the fulfillment process accordingly. They also wanted to automate the manually handled operations for these stores from a single application, reduce inventory management and order fulfillment costs, and improve the customer experience for both merchants and vendors.

Business Challenges

Order Management

Due to gaps in managing multiple vendors for the eCommerce stores, managing and tracking order status, such as order processing, returns, and refunds, was challenging. This also made it difficult to display the order status to the end customers in real time. Order management is one of the major challenges our client wanted to fix.

Shipping and Fulfillment Management

Since the client’s customers (eCommerce stores) could not effectively manage multiple vendors, managing operations such as invoicing, shipping, and fulfillment was also a challenge. Reflecting the appropriate invoicing and commission information to each vendor and updating the shipping and fulfillment status was also disrupted.

Inventory Management

The inventory management process was not automated, and the warehouse operations were handled manually, which created delays in fulfilling the orders and updating the stock information. Since different vendors have varying inventory operations, managing each of them from a single place was a critical challenge for our client.


Business Solution

Successive Digital helped the client by developing a feature-rich and scalable application that integrates with their platform and enables multi-vendor management. Our team understood the challenges that arose with multi-vendor management. Hence, we developed a custom BigCommerce application that can serve as a centralized platform to manage multi-vendor operations and connect merchants, vendors, and end customers. The application helps simplify and automate order management, revenue model management, and end-to-end vendor setup where the client’s customers can easily connect with multiple vendors and manage real-time inventory, order splitting, shipping, fulfillment, and payouts.

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