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Business Objective

Business Objective

One of the leading maritime global companies acquired multiple businesses to cater to the different needs of a large section of its audience. They wanted to develop a unified system on a common platform to support the onboarding of new users to a modernized and centrally controlled platform while ensuring business continuity over traditional services.

Business Challenge

Legacy Application

The client's applications and acquired system were built on legacy technologies. These systems were not supporting further needs of the business, such as innovation, scalability, performance, and high availability.

Disjointed Data Sources

They needed to build a new innovative application that supports the capabilities of the newly acquired businesses and seamlessly navigates data from its existing platforms onto new ones without challenging business continuity.

Inconsistent UI/UX

The client wanted to empower the platform’s users with an easy-to-use, innovative application featuring customized dashboards, data visualization, and better navigation capabilities.


Business Solution

Successive Digital helped the global maritime and informatics company build and launch their aspiring unified application. We helped them develop a robust application on cloud-based architecture that allows them to introduce a single operating model by enabling a seamless transition of the existing line of services over a more efficient platform with better digital features. The company extends its advanced voyage informatics platform to international customers, which delivers unified data from ship, shore, engine, and environment, generating immediate and profitable outcomes for the modern fleet.

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