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Business Objective

Business Objective

Today, the growth of any business lies in selling online. But with an influx of e-commerce marketplace applications and the many technical nuances, the more a business expands digitally, the more difficult it gets to control and manage the backend of things. From inventory to shipping, managing multiple marketplaces and vendors can put a pause on an online retailer's growth. Marketcube aimed to eliminate this issue with a one-stop solution but found itself tangled in the complexities that come in form of the functioning and maintenance of an e-commerce platform. Successive Digital joined hands with Marketcube to eliminate a prolonged problem in the company's e-commerce platform that required immediate attention

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Business Challenge

Multiple Ecommerce Marketplaces

The pressure for businesses to be omnipresent on marketplaces and manage them individually was a complicated and time-consuming task not feasible for many.

Delayed Responses

Because businesses were distracted learning the ins and outs of varied marketplaces, the process of tracking orders and fulfilling them often met with delays and unsatisfied customers.

Communication Barriers

Expanding e-commerce businesses found it troublesome to communicate efficiently with fellow vendors and distributors because of the many irregularities like differentiated shipping processes.


Business Solution

We streamlined a SAAS (Software As A Service) interface with a one-stop solution for online sellers. As the technology partner to MarketCube, we devised a front end that allowed dropshipping businesses to exhibit their products while making it easy for customers to find and learn more about them. We also functioned in multi-vendor management through a headless backend which put control in the hands of the retailers. MarketCube became an accessible, fast and reliable marketplace management software, driven by user experience.

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