Business Objective

Business Objective

As a leading digital media and advertising company, our client design, create and optimize media/advertisement experiences that connect people to brands. They wanted to transform businesses with the power of modern creativity by seamlessly integrating their existing services with multiple web applications and extending a unified experience to their customers across various geographies. To deliver bespoke experiences, the client also wanted to transform various applications and redundant services into responsive, optimized, and efficient solutions that unlock new opportunities for growth and business.

Business Challenges

Fragmented User Experience

Inconsistencies across platforms, devices, and touchpoints posed a significant challenge for brands, making users feel disconnected. It also led to the development of multiple applications to cater to different geographies and customers.

Multilingual Support

Managing content, communication, and user interfaces across multiple languages presented a formidable challenge with the risk of miscommunication, irregularities, and optimized content retrieval among diverse audiences.

Cross-platform Migration

Incorporating a CMS solution with applications built into different technologies and frameworks and harmonizing multiple data structures and user experiences across various platforms was challenging.


Business Solution

Successive Digital leveraged Strapi headless CMS to empower seamless content management and distribution across diverse channels, fostering an agile, omnichannel approach. It also benefited from its API-first architecture, which streamlined data flow and promoted efficient communication among interconnected systems. The CMS also assisted in modernizing legacy solutions and enhanced scalability, flexibility, and adaptability. To support cross-platform migration, our team strategically extended Strapi’s code base that streamlined content schemas. This involved meticulous restructuring and adaptation, ensuring a seamless transition while maintaining data integrity across diverse environments. Leveraging the Strapi plugin that allows application users to create, manage, and distribute localized content and notifications in multiple languages, we addressed the multilanguage challenges and cultural considerations, ensuring a globalized and unified user experience. Facilitating a Transformative Shift Our cloud experts used Azure for on-premise deployment to ensure the required scalability and accessibility of the applications; this assisted in seamlessly integrating Strapi with Okta, SSO to develop comprehensive authentication and authorization cloud-based solutions and provide the required reliability and compatibility. Using Redis as a caching solution, we deployed Kubernetes clusters that optimized data retrieval and storage processes, enhancing system responsiveness and resilience even under heavy loads. Additionally, Strapi's headless capabilities and the GraphQL plugins were used to create a connected ecosystem.

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