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BIM is a premier payment and customer engagement platform that powers in-store, mobile, and web commerce payments. It is a merchant branded payment platform. It also drives customer engagement and increases efficiency of payment related processes and schemes while also improving reporting and analytics.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges we faced

The challenge was to prevent the transactions from any kind of fraud and to put an end to the ambiguous transactions from the respective user’s bank accounts. The main obstacle was to monitor all the transactions to avoid any kind of fraud or suspicious actions. Another difficulty was to manage the deduction process of all the collective transactions together and to check whether the last deduction was successful or not.

If in case the user fails to do the payment, then the blocking policies and their various aspects need to come into play. We created a secure platform to perform transactions at a much cheaper price and transactions are followed by a pay later feature too. We keep a record of all the users and transactions in detail with the help of enrolments feature.

Working out the details

Features of BIM Networks


Lowest Cost Payment Tender

BIM provides Merchants with a white-labeled ACH Debit payment tender that easily integrates into existing mobile apps and websites.

Fast Consumer Enrollment

With BIM, your customers can be verified and enrolled in your tender in about 40 seconds.

Payment Device Authentication

BIM performs authentication (for the consumers, their bank accounts and their devices) and risk assessment in the background during the consumer enrollment process.

Security and Fraud Protection

BIM’s technology platform verifies and authenticates consumers and their transactions instantly and dynamically.

Drive Revenue and Increase Loyalty

BIM’s platform can link with customer loyalty programs and generate additional sales and consumer engagement.

Eliminate Interchange Fees

BIM’s platform deposits straight revenues directly into the merchant’s bank account(s).

Technologies Used

Proposed Solution

BIM handles all of the technology, fraud prevention, processing, reporting, etc. All a Merchant has to do is decide how they want to market their branded-tender, customer incentives, and improve the level of customer service they deliver.

It can be that easy. In BIM, we’ve combined some of the most ubiquitous processing engines with the latest enterprise-grade security and enrolment technologies and wrapped them around the Federal Reserve’s ACH network so that Merchants can save money on transactions without being compromised by hacks or frauds.

It also guarantees all transactions and offers next day settlement, to provide the pricing Merchants want, along with the reliability they need from a payment tender.

We got an opportunity to work upon the financial API’s, and manage tracking of each transaction and send them to banks for the deduction process depending upon the status of the transaction.

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The project went live and we sync and maintain records of all the activities related to the transactions that are made on a regular basis.

Transformation with Design

BIM Networks UI/UX Design

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