Conversational Interface for Teachers and Students

Developing a dynamic platform with Gen AI integration that promotes seamless interaction between teachers and students through natural language processing capabilities.

About this

About this project

The customer aimed to develop a Generative AI-based Conversational Tutor to assist K-12 students with academic coursework and degree programs. The AI tutor would impart knowledge and engage in natural language conversations, enhancing student engagement across different devices. They sought to adopt an AI-driven approach to foster an academic environment that leverages Generative AI to improve the overall educational experience for students. Stride acknowledged the importance of effectively managing many student inquiries while addressing availability constraints.


Digital Transformation, Customer Experience


Herndon, Virginia


About the client

Stride, Inc., is a prominent educational company transforming teaching and learning experiences for millions worldwide. It provides technology-driven educational solutions and comprehensive programs tailored to students, schools, military institutions, and enterprises at the primary, secondary, and postsecondary levels.

About the client About the client


Generative AI-based Conversational Tutor

Successive Digital enhanced Stride’s educational framework by developing a Generative AI-based conversational Tutor. Leveraging our Generative AI Center of Excellence (COE), we implemented the AI Tutor on AWS infrastructure, GPT-4, and a large language model (LLM). Through fine-tuning and customer prompt engineering, the AI Tutor offers dynamic conversational tutoring, embodying historical data and literary characters to redefine the learning experience.

Enhanced Learning Experience and Engagement

The AI Tutor engages students with advanced activities that foster analytical thinking through group discussions and writing exercises. A subscription-based model provides access to the AI bot and Learning Hub, offering on-demand human support and discounted tutoring. The AI-supported bot enhances critical thinking by providing detailed feedback to improve skills.

Holistic Educational Support and Management

The developed application serves as an AI assistant, organizing human tutoring sessions, generating progress reports, and ensuring a holistic educational journey. It explains complex concepts, guides in research and citations, and solves math problems with step-by-step explanations.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  1. Integrated with Stride’s Taxonomy and Curriculum Library, enabling seamless educational content integration.
  2. Features a smart tutor-matching mechanism for personalized learning experiences.
  3. Offers comprehensive progress tracking, learner profiling, and quick, accurate responses to academic questions.
  4. Includes an integrated scheduling system for booking live tutoring sessions.
  5. Provides help with homework,  step-by-step guidance, and explanations of complex concepts.
  6. Supports adaptive learning paths and multilingual capabilities for enhanced educational inclusivity.

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