Digital Signage App Developed That Elevate In-Store Shopping Experience

Developed a digital signage platform and made the Ads broadcasting instant, accessible, and efficient for a brand trusted by Taco Bell and Honda

About this

About this project

Successive Digital collaborated with the client to develop a digital signage platform, empowering businesses with an easy-to-use application for broadcasting advertisements. The goal was to streamline the management of playlists, ads, and multiple broadcasts from a single platform, enhancing operational efficiency and customer engagement.


Digital Strategy, Product Engineering, Customer Experience




About the client

The client is a leading digital signage platform that allows customer-centric outlets to turn any screen into digital signage. As one of the rapidly growing platforms, the client offers a cloud-based platform enabling businesses to create, manage, and display dynamic content on screens in various public spaces, such as retail stores, restaurants, and corporate offices.

About the client About the client


 App Development for Content Display

With close collaboration with the client, team Successive developed a cross-platform digital signage player app for Android TV, Google TV, Fire TV, and Windows that supports offline operation and schedules ad displays. Xamarin.Forms were chosen to create a shared codebase for Android and UWP, allowing for efficient code reuse and creating an intuitive and visually appealing interface. The versatile solution lets users easily manage and schedule ads through a user-friendly dashboard and deliver uninterrupted digital advertising experiences for their customers, ultimately boosting brand visibility and sales. 


Media Scheduling

Our team developed a playlist management system that allows users to add content to a central playlist to solve the challenge of managing a dynamic playlist of content from various sources. The player is also integrated with offline caching support to enhance the user experience even in the absence of a stable internet connection. The intelligent scheduler manages offline ad displays, ensuring they show as scheduled, even without an internet connection. The application also contradicts the possibility of overlapping schedules with a smart scheduling system. If two media items have overlapping schedules, the app provides options for prioritization or stacking content.

Events Broadcasting

Our team built the conditional broadcast feature to guarantee the reliable delivery of broadcasted messages, even in situations with high network congestion or limited bandwidth. With a few settings, the user can turn the TV on and deliver urgent messages or announcements during uncertain events. This feature allows users to set specific conditions, time zones, and duration for when content should be displayed. The system also supports various content formats, including text, images, videos, and PPTs, with integration with Canva, allowing users to craft compelling messages. Different message types were categorized by priority. Emergency messages had the highest priority and could override existing content on all screens.



Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Successfully engaged 8,251 users on the digital signage platform.
  • Achieved the installation of media applications across 18,160 screens, enhancing visibility and reach.
  • Implemented a media scheduling system, allowing businesses to manage and display dynamic content seamlessly, even in offline scenarios.

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