Creating a seamless digital journey for promoting Golf in Australia

Optimized the tech stack of the Australian government golf sports portal, resulting in a 35% decrease in reported technical issues. We also increased user registrations and participation in Australian golf events by 120%. 

About this

About this project

We collaborated with the client to enhance their digital presence across all touchpoints through a streamlined user experience for improved tournament management. The primary objective was to overcome challenges related to core complexity and the existing tech stack, ensuring a seamless experience for players, staff, and enthusiasts and increasing the overall participation in the sports of golf in Australia. We streamlined their frontend ecosystem with post-launch support to deliver valuable operational and service enhancements.


Digital Strategy, Product Engineering




About the client

Our client is the national governing body for golf in Australia, dedicated to promoting the sport and enhancing participation across all demographics. The organization oversees various initiatives, including junior and adult golf tournaments and programs to increase female participation and inclusivity efforts.

About the client About the client


Tech Stack Optimization:

Successive Digital undertook a comprehensive analysis of the client’s tech stack. By identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement, our team proposed and implemented optimizations to enhance overall application performance. The team identified some bugs during the process and implemented targeted solutions to fix these issues, ensuring that the website operated smoothly and without disruptions. This involved debugging code, optimizing scripts, and rectifying any anomalies in the system. 

This included upgrading essential framework versions like React 14 to React 18 to improve the site’s performance and using upgraded versions of Contentful CMS to ensure scalable content experiences and future-proofing.

Modules Development:

To address the challenge of core complexity, we also adopted a modular front-end development approach. This allowed for the seamless integration of new features and the efficient management of existing modules. The process involved collaborative development and rigorous testing to ensure the successful integration of user migration functionalities. The result was a more agile and adaptable digital ecosystem for the golf entity while managing the user participation in Australian opens and their retention through the sign-up page.


Real-time Data Integration:

Our developers implemented a dynamic data integration system to overcome the hurdle of real-time scorecard updates. This ensured that tournament data, including scores and player statistics, were updated in real time, providing an engaging and immersive experience for fans and stakeholders alike.



Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Increased user registrations and participation in Australian golf events by 120%
  • 35% decrease in reported technical issues
  • Delivered 90% accuracy in real-time scorecard updates

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