Traffic Analyzer

ACL delivers omnichannel enterprise-messaging solutions that enable businesses like banks and telecom networks to communicate with their customers in real-time across the world via messages and electronic mail.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges We Conquered

The primary challenge undertaken was to fetch the data from SQL databases containing billions of records in a matter of seconds. Another challenge was delivering a fail-safe system so that the requests are not lost because of services being unavailable.

We had to integrate a traffic analyzer with a legacy designed database system of ACL. Another hurdle was to provide filtering at a highly atomic level in a dataset with billions of records and a complex database architecture. Heavy download queries had to be handled without putting too much load on the servers.

Working out the details

Features of Traffic Analyzer


We used a GPU based database SQREAM for faster retrieval of records and created an indexed database and performed DB query optimization exercises.

Analysis of Records

Highly optimized use of SQL for fast data retrieval from the database.

Query Builder

To enhance the queries and reporting, SQream Big Data database was used to query billions of records.

Detailed Reporting

To enhance the experience, detailed reports are displayed in the SPA for better user experience and faster loading.

Latency Recording

Latency reports for any failure and reporting of messages are also sent to the user to analyze the usage.

Multiple Temperature Databases

The data is distributed across databases of different types (MySQL, SQream) based on the age of data for extremely fast query performance.

Filtration of Records

Ability to have in depth filter, intra-data item filtering supported for enhanced user experience and refined data.

Technologies Used

Proposed Solution

The Traffic Analyzer administrator can manage other admins and their project clients. The client is added to the website through App ID and granted access to the different features by the admin.
Administrators have different levels of permissions that they can provide to the users.

Features available to users are Dashboard, Detailed Reports, Summary Reports, Delivery Latency Reports, Short URL Reports, User Management, Download History, and Alert Notifications.

We used queue-based microservices architecture to successfully develop a high fail-safe system.

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A beautiful single page application that enables the clients to check the ROI on the services being provided by our client. The application enables its users to check the status of delivered messages based on highly optimized filtering that returns the data within seconds even after querying billions of records.

Transformation with Design

Traffic Analyzer UI/UX Design

Powerful Efficacy
Feature Rich Messaging
Intelligent Analytics and Reporting
Secured Communication

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