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TeamCity vs. Jenkins: Choosing The Right CI/CD Tool

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

The software development lifecycle involves three prime phases—Building, Testing, & Deployment. A minute lag in any of these phases can cause a delay in a product launch. CI/CD tools are the best practices to avoid delays. Why? They automate the processes. With the rapid demand for CI/CD tools by enterprises, there’s also a choice proliferation. If you are also the one who is struggling to identify the right tool that meets the needs of your project, then your search ends here. The post covers the two popular CI/CD tools—Jenkins and TeamCity. 

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What is TeamCity?

JetBrains, producer of smart tools; such as ReShaper, PyCharm, & RubyMine created TeamCity. It truly justifies the tag line— ‘Powerful Continuous Integration Out of the Box.’ It comes with smart features such as detailed build history & builds chain tools.  It provides source control.

Bonus Point: Free for small teams

Based on: Java

Prime Aim: Build management and continuous integration server

How to Install?

Run the downloaded .exe file and follow the instructions. 

Compatible with: Windows, .Net framework, and Linux servers. 

Integration: IDEs such as Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Users Comment: 

Powerful and user-friendly server with a plugin ecosystem & out-of-the-box features!

Why do Developers like it? 

TeamCity allows developers to integrate, code, & configure easily. You can run it simultaneously on different environments & platforms. It supports conditional build steps and allows to launch build agents in a Kubernetes cluster. 

Latest Version: 2020.1. 


What is Jenkins? 

One of the most popular open-source CI/CD tools. An engineer started it as a side project in Sun, and gradually it evolved as one of the best open-source CI tools. 

Based on: Java

Prime Aim: Enable developers to reliably build, test, and deploy their software at any scale.

How to Install?

  • Using native system packages;
  • Docker;
  • Run standalone by any machine having a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.

Compatible with: Windows, macOS, and Unix versions such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, OpenSUSE, and more. 

Release Lines: 2, namely – Weekly and Long-Term Support (LTS).

Users Comment: A highly extensible tool with a rich array of plugins! The installation is easy. 

Why do Developers like it? 

Jenkins allows developers to focus on their core activities, i.e., integration. The tool manages the testing. It supports 1000+ plugins.

Latest Version: 2.249.1


TeamCity vs. Jenkins

Parameters TeamCity Jenkins
Ease of Set-upEasy Easy
User-friendlinessMore friendly with out-of-the-box usabilityLess user-friendly 
Platform DependencyDifferent platforms: Apache Tomcat server, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, SUSE.Different Operating Systems: operating system and browsers – Windows, macOS, RedHat, Ubuntu, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox.
SupportProvides Global SupportProvides Global Support
Plugins SupportLess than Jenkins (400)1500 + plugins
HostingOn-Premise On-Premise/Cloud-based
PricingFree for 100 build configurations.Completely free
Extensibility Simple using RESTful APISimple using RESTful API
CustomizationSimple using service messages in build scripts and creating pluginsSimple using custom CSS and Javascript files.
Cloud & Key IntegrationIntegrations using popular cloud solutions via plugins and non-bundled plugins (Amazon EC2, VMWare vSphere, Google Cloud, etc. Key Integrations: Docker, Maven, Visual Studio Team Services, NuGet, VCS Hosting Services)Simple integration with popular cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, Amazon EC2, & VMWare vSphere, Atlassian Cloud, Slack, etc.
Community Support Need assistance for two sections only: knowledge sharing and problem sharingRely on the community for most of the requirements (i.e. installation, troubleshooting, and more)
InterfaceBetter & ClearEasy but more inclined towards functionality than appearance
ExecutionRun distributed(tasks run through a different machine without causing an impact on the GUI)Run distributed(tasks run through a different machine without causing an impact on the GUI)
Build PipelinesAllows defining pipelines using a Kotlin-based DSL (Domain Specific Language)Support for custom pipelines through Jenkins Pipeline DSL.
Online DocumentationBlogs, YouTube channel, Support ForumBlogs, IRC, Events, Support Forum
Parallelization YesYes, but Partial

Who Should Choose— TeamCity or Jenkins? 


Developers searching for an extraordinary interface and out-of-the-box functionality.


Developers searching for a free, open-source CI solution with maximum functionality & global support.


Now, you have a clear understanding of the two popular CI/CD tools: Jenkins & TeamCity. Choose the right CI/CD tool for a faster go-to-market launch. 

We hope you find this article TeamCity Vs. Jenkins informative and useful. If you still have concerns or doubts, feel free to connect.  At Successive, we have a team of knowledge-driven tech geeks who would love to answer your queries. 

So, start commenting! 

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