Solr Search

The very popular, blazing fast, highly scalable and extremely reliable. Solr search is a standalone enterprise search platform on which big data analytics applications can be built.

About Solr

Required to search large volume-centric data? Solr is a ready to deploy search/storage engine. It is extremely fast, enterprise ready and provides a rich set of core search functions. The Solr platform is extremely powerful and flexible and enables the creation of search based and big data analytics applications. Its rest like API allows indexing via JSON, XML, Binary, CSV over HTTP. Along with querying via HTTP GET in order to receive JSON, XML, CSV or Binary results.


Solr uses Lucene's real-time indexing capabilities to ensure that a constant stream of live updates are sent, keeping the user informed of modifications.

Solr is highly scalable and enables changes. It is resilient to failure and bakes in replication, distribution and rebalancing out of the box.

Your Solr instances can be controlled using built-in and responsive UI which is easy to monitor as it provides more insight into metric data via JMX.

Key Advantages

Extensible plug in architecture

Solr publishes many specific extension points that make plugging in query time easy.


High volume traffic is optimized. Publishes metric data that allows for monitoring.

Flexible and Adaptable

Solr is flexible and designed to adapt to your needs ensuring a simplified configuration.


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