Ruby on Rails

With an impressive number of outstanding projects under our belt, we assure you of our compatibility and capability when it compes to using Ruby on Rails. This server side web application framework enables the creation of remarkable web applications.

About Ruby on Rails

In need of technological solutions? Successive brings forth Ruby on Rails web development program that enables our developers to build efficient and competent web applications. It's open source nature and rich libraries allow modifications and enhancements. RoR is a cost effective way of developing web applications.

Key Features

Accelerated Development

You can choose from 50000 Gems(modular software packages). Social feeds, User Management, etc are accessible as gems for reuse.

Strong Framework

RoR has most vibrant open source communities that has progressed the framework over several years into a robust framework.


RoR follows convention such as MVC, REST that makes code base fairly regularized and securing technical assistance.




RoR is an open source framework and supports most of the technologies for free.


RoR ensures quick integration with social media.


RoR allows you to reap the benefits of Cloud hosting providers as well as that of plugins.

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Why Successive?

We are famous for our products and services globally. Our association with our customers are a true testament to the value we bring in.

We develop RoR apps that can work on various cloud platforms - EngineYard AWS, Heroku - and deploy with Rubber, Capistrano, Chef etc.

Our RoR developers relish developing with the TDD (Test Driven Development) & BDD (Behavior Driven Development) approach.

Our culture at work is geared towards lean, collaborative and agile projects ensuring efficient faster delivery and product scoping.

We at Successive work within a time frame, ensuring a timely delivery. We follow a strict code of conduct under certain guidelines.


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