PostgreSQL has a proven architecture along with a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity and correctness. It is a powerful open source object-relational data based system.

About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL also known as Postgres is an object relational database management system which is used across multiple platforms such as Solaris, Linux and Windows. It offers flexibility to trial and research implementation procedure and assists in creating a profitable business framework. It is cost-effective than proprietary databases. At Successive, we are backed by a group of experienced and certified developers. With years of substantial involvement in PostgreSQL development, we have attained an unparalleled trust and recognition for providing expertise and scalable PostgreSQL solutions which are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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PostgreSQL offers many advantages for your company or business over other database systems. PostgreSQL has distinct interfaces, which effortlessly integrate with sales reports, performance monitors and other important data.

Saving on staffing costs

PostgreSQL has been designed for lowering tuning & maintenance requirements while retaining its features, performance & stability.

Reliability and stability

Distinct from many proprietary databases, PostgreSQL is reported to have never been crashed despite high activity operation.

Cross platform

It is available for practically every brand of Unix, and Windows compatibility is accessible through the Cygwin framework.

High volume environments

It is extremely responsive even in high volume environments. The leading proprietary database vendor employs this technology.

Why PostgreSQL?

It is a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness and run on all major operating systems.
Truely Native
Vibrant Ecosystem
Developer Experience

Why Successive?

Successive is one of the trusted companies globally for providing solutions to small to large scale application requirements in postgresql owing to its superior performance, availability and easy scalability.

Years of rich experience in the industry.

Open 24/7 open communication channel.

Love to go extra mile to put that happy smile on our clients faces.

Usage of best tools and practices to monitoring the database.


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