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Devise and deploy cross platform apps with PhoneGap in no time.

About Phonegap

Phonegap is one of the most popular tools for cross platform app development available in the market today. Phone gap uses standard based web technologies to bridge the gap between mobile devices and web applications. Salvage your time by reusing already written codes.

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Robust and Strong Backend

Phone Gap has a robust backend system which ensures the quick development of applications and helps in reducing coding burden.

Open Source Framework

The PhoneGap community indulges in the compilation of new codes and modules which are available for free as it has Open Source License.

Less Efforts & More Flexibility

Development is possible without putting in much effort. It is flexible and doesn't require the developer to learn any new languages.

Cross platform

Phone Gap solves the problem of maintaining uniformity across all platforms and can be created in one go.

Ease of Development

PhoneGap works on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Developers do not need to have any prerequisite knowledge of mobile app development.

Why PhoneGaps Apps?

Verticals we deal in
Retail & telecom
News & Weather
Travel and Hospitality
Medical and Healthcare

Why Successive?

Successive's PhoneGap expertise guarantees custom-built apps. Our services are affordable and possess the functionality which empowers business growth.

100% transparent throughout the project.

24 /7 technical support and maintenance.

100% Secure with IP & data protection.

Extensive porting and testing of applications for various mobile platforms.


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