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The .NET framework provides a comprehensive programming model that allows developers to create an array of applications on Windows. It provides a development environment for the creation of astounding web applications.

Why Choose .NET?

  • .NET help reduce the quantity of code significantly.
  • It promises to be a best platform for creating applications.
  • It literally works on all versions from windows 98 onwards.
  • It give programmers satisfaction for creating and uploading new applications.
  • Capable for crash protection.
  • Capacity for detecting and retrieving memory efficiently.

Key Features


Ease of deployment and

Better and speedier development
with code sharing

What do we do?

Functional and Load Testing of .NET Applications.

Development services: Web, Windows Phone, desktop, etc.

From prototyping to deployment and testing- Complete product life-cycle management.

Development of back end services for Android/iOS applications using .NET.

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Why Successive?

We ardently support the use of .Net framework due to it's exquisite features and offer a wide gamut of Microsoft technologies which include:

We develop custom web, desktop, cloud, IoT, mobile, hybrid and various applications employing .NET Frameworks.

We are experts in Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Silverlight, SQL Server and many more.

Our applications are not only restricted to be used in Linux, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Mobile and Android platforms.

With the help of reusable frameworks, ready-to-integrate code, methods and best practices we offer accelerated development.


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