Neo4j, a highly scalable and schema free graph database delivers constant, real time performance and enables the creation of cutting-edge applications thereby meeting today's evolving data challenges.

All about Neo4j

Neo4j is one of the most popular graph databases and Cypher Query Language(CQL) developed using Java technology. It is open source, schema free and highly scalable. Data connections induce the creation of advanced apps, a database that would help harness the connections between data is a graph database. Graph databases are pictorial representations that enable the data to be modeled in graphs form.

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Neo4j's flexible and adaptable data model comprises of myriad features.

ACID properties

Neo4j is an ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) transactional database for storing critical data.

Scalability and reliability

Scaling of data is made easy. Neo4j also enables the possibility of replication for data safety and reliability.

Flexible data model

Neo4j provides a flexible and powerful data model which allows modifications in the applications.

Real-time insights

Neo4j's provision of results is based on real-time data.

Why Neo4j?

Neo4j provides an incredible UI and powerful datamodel that allows for modifications in applications. Moreover it is easy to master.
Real-time insights
Flexible data model
High availability

Why Successive?

We at Successive are proficient when it comes to using Neo4j. Our expertise allows us to use Neo4j to its fullest by utilising its outstanding features.
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