MySQL is one of the most renowned open source, relational database systems. It deals with the functionality of the most powerful database packages and uses the well known SQL data language for a huge number of web applications.

About MySQL

MySQL being a relational database, is faster, platform independent, scalable, more reliable and clearly better than most of the other database systems due to its powerful characteristic of being able to store huge volumes of data. MySQL is a client/server system which enables many application programs to communicate with the server in order to be able to query data, make and save changes etc. LAMP stack, an open source, four layered web development platform uses MySQL as its core component. MySQL is also used as a database system for many large scales, high profile websites such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr.

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MySQL has a plethora of features that make it a preferred database choice. Most open spurce software required full featured database management system for which they use MySQL as a database management system.

Secure and Scalable

A solid data security layer is supported by MySQL along with encrypted passwords. The most crucial feature is scalability which allows data handling of large volumes.

High Performance

It's sui generis storage engine architecture allows the database to be faster and reliable. The use of Triggers, stored procedures and views enable augmented productivity.

Client/Server Architecture

MySQL is a client/server system which enables many application programs to communicate with the server in order to query data along with making and saving changes.

Robust Transactional Support

My SQL provides one of the most commanding transactional database engines available in the market. It allows transaction roll back, commits and crashes recovery.

Why MySQL?

Many of the world's leading organizations be it Facebook, Google, Adobe or Zappos rely on MySQL in order to support their voluminous websites. The answer to why lies in its free and open source nature along with a plethora of other features that make its use worthwhile.
Query caching
Native storage

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