Future of Mobile Technology

  • July 24, 2019
  • Atif Rizvi
  • Business

Mobile phones have crept in our daily lives with such ferocity that one can’t be separated from the other. Let alone a man or a woman you don’t even see children without mobile phones now. Within a small period of two decades, these devices have upgraded themselves exponentially. Initially, it was just meant to be a wireless substitute for telephonic conversation but soon shifted to the “short message service (SMS)” and then to use of the internet before finally becoming a smart device capable of handling all your needs single-handedly.

This almost monstrous growth of mobile phones was ushered by a revolutionary investment in terms of monetary and other resources that people were willing to make without any additional motivation or coaxing, this resulted in setting up of an unparalleled industry, continuously inviting the most creative of minds across the globe and putting them to use in constant upgrading and developing.

The mobile phone industry has today spread to countless smaller units- it contains web development, Graphic design, Camera and Image functions, Game design, hardware applications, and whatnot. Each of these units individually has a future just as bright as the industry, as there are constant research and development being pursued aggressively in each of these sectors.

We can already imagine striking additions in fields of Virtual and Augmented Realities being added to arsenal carried by mobile phones, with games like Pokémon Go already popularising the idea of Augmented reality in Mobile devices. Learn how business processes are transformed through AI as they might be integrated into the future of mobile technology. Another great addition that is not very far from realization is the mobile phones taking its rightful place in the Internet of Things. With more and more devices joining this ecosystem, it is only logical that the device we most interact with also joins this long list of devices. IoT is not far from becoming mainstream and addition of mobile phones would be the final milestone it has to cross, thus there is a wide sector of people actively trying to connect these two in an immersive fashion, making this a reality of the near future

But even other than these if we allow our imagination to run wide, we will be surprised to find the several models of the phones that are currently in development like a hologram projection from a watch that shall be equally efficient and provide all functions. As absurd as it may sound to you right now, there is a high likelihood of this being the next big revolution in the mobile technology and it can easily be seen even now when we have smartwatches tending to more functions than before- taking calls, ringing alarms, acting as an assistant. This is also coupled with headsets now moving beyond wires and thus shrinking in their size and need for another device that it should be connected to. Along with all of this Sony’s new lens that enables users to take advantage of the digital cameras to a new level has also been launched.

An argument is made with respect to time, education (in terms of familiarity etc.) and the market demand (in terms of money) such that these factors shall hinder the progress of such devices in entering the lives of people as before an interesting example to imagine should be the replacement of the regular phones with the “smartphones.” The shift was one that albeit brought many benefits in terms of features, ease of use, etc. It also was an extracted heavy toll from the purses, especially for the lower middle class of the Indian population which earlier consisted of a majority of the customer base for these devices. But, despite these gaping challenges in just a matter of years, most of the archaic devices were replaced by the newer ones. This example serves a great purpose in explaining the fluidity that the population seems to have in accepting these reforms despite all odds, this is the reason that it can easily be said that even in the future if changes are to be brought in, in terms of technology of the mobile phones, they shall have a wide and reliable market irrespective of the monetary aspect.

This has also served as motivation for setting up of more research centers with more and more people participating and thus bringing the future closer than it was ever before.


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