MeteorJs, The Fastest Way To Build Javascript Apps

Meteor paves the way for developers to work upon their creativity in order to design dynamic, cross platform, state of the art mobile applications. It provides a complete framework to develop user friendly web and mobile applications.

About Meteor

Meteor, an open source framework assists businesses in developing real time web and mobile applications. Meteor, a fully powered framework with robust API guarantees the use of clean code to create and develop a connected client application, reactive in functionality. Choose from an extensive variety of result oriented meteor development services.


Reap more while you sow less

Meteor is designed for implementing speedy changes, creating prototypes and developing the final product. The use of integrated javascript guarantees the requirement of less code which cuts down on the time needed to develop the product and guarantees impressive results.

Support for every device

The meteor framework possesses a cross-platform development feature which can convert your website into an iOS or Android app with just a few commands. It's Cordova and Phone Gap features can be used to create seamless hybrid apps that run natively on iOS and Android devices.

Rapid Development

If all you need is a compact tool that uses modern technology and takes minimal time to test your business idea, then meteor.js is the best option. Its robust API provides a solution for rapid prototype development which enables developers to build the solution faster than other platforms.

What Do We Do?

Successive software has an adept team of diverse developers who specialize in meteor app development. Each individual on a team demonstrates a strong work ethic which ensures efficient production and timely delivery. We work with true dedication and believe in surpassing the expectations of our clients each time.

We help large businesses and start-ups to build business apps in meteor and assure them innovative ideas.

Using Meteor as an app development platform, we develop custom web and mobile solutions for our clients.

Our developers create, design and manage all our clients' custom Meteor applications.

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Why Successive?

Our developers are highly trained in providing proactive solutions to our customers. We have a proven track record of providing on-time delivery for all our development projects.
We are official Meteor partners!
Early adopters of Meteor as one of our core framework
Systematic approach to deliver quick and reliable services .
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