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About Ionic

Ionic is a simple and functional mobile app development framework which aims at building hybrid mobile apps. Its platform continuity feature makes it adaptable to each platform thereby allowing it to be displayed beautifully on all devices. Ionic handles all the UI interactions that your app needs along with its base theme and design and uses AngularJS for styling. It ensures optimal performance by providing tools and services for the development of hybrid mobile apps with the help of web technologies like CSS and HTML5.

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Ionic possesses a wide range of features that enhance and optimize the performance of mobile applications. At Successive, we have a team of experts to handle all concerns regarding cloud infrastructure. We provide our clients with an array of services that get applications running in no time.


Speed is an important feature of any mobile app development framework. Ionic is built to perform efficiently on any mobile device with best practices like accelerated transitions.


All the elements that a mobile application needs are provided by the components that possess a native feel. The best part about this is that users can customize and create their own design.


Ionic's beauty lies in its ability to display beautiful designs of applications created on every device by applying the codebase only once. You just need to code once and it can then be deployed anywhere.


Ionic is used for hybrid app development. This implies that you can save a lot of development time by packaging your applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Firefox OS.

Why Ionic?

Powerful tools, all in one place
Developer focused
Built with teams in mind

Why Successive?

Technology trends are evolving with every passing day and people are becoming increasingly mobile-centric. This calls for an association with a reliable and responsive technology partner - Successive! Here’s why we are an ideal match for you.

We provide affordable and cost-effective solutions.

We provide round-the-clock assistance.

We ensure excellent services and are client oriented.

We maintain solid interpersonal relationships with our clients.


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