Achieve improved big data processing using the scalable, cost effective and flexible Hadoop.

All about Hadoop

Hadoop is an open source JS framework that enables distributed processing of large datasets across an agglomeration of computers using simple programming models. It acts as the cornerstones for big data processing tasks such as scientific analysis, business planning and processing of voluminous sensored data.

Successive has hands on training in Hadoop. We have an expertise in comprehending and debugging programs, hence accomplishing efficient parallelization of computing tasks.

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It manages all types of the data structured and unstructured, formatted or encoded, or any data type.

Easily Scalable

It is an exceptionally scalable platform where new nodes could be added easily into the system.

Fault Tolerant

The replication level is configurable and it makes Hadoop extremely consistent data storage system.

Faster Data Processing

It is exceptionally good at high-volume batch processing due to its capability of parallel data processing.

Why Hadoop?

Who manages all that data? Thats where Hadoop steps in. It is an open source framework that supports the processing and storage of large data sets in a distributed computing environment.
Easily Scalable
Fault Tolerant
Very Cost Effective

Why Successive?

Successive is a globally recognized company that is proficient in providing their clients with solutions regarding application requirements.
Pre-configured hardware, software and services to implement Hadoop faster.
Enterprise grade services for varied business projects.
Enterprise ready solutions for comprehensive data analytics.
We unlock your Data Lake with the help of leading-edge data architecture.

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