Initially a realtime database, Firebase has now expanded it's product line to become a fully fledged app development platform. Develop and deploy extraordinary user experiences using firebase.

All about Firebase

A former real time database, Firebase provided an API that allowed developers to store and sync data. Currently firebase is a platform that enables developers to build cross platform native mobile and web apps with our Android, iOS and JavaScript SDKs. At Successive, we commonly leverage Firebase's user authentication, real time database and static hosting for complex and compact apps. Furthermore, Firebase possesses the capability of being able to power your app's back-end.

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Remote Configuration

It lets you change the way app works by providing you the ability for updating the code from the cloud.


It is convenient for uploading huge volumes of user-generated content such as images and videos.

Realtime Database

Firebase harmonizes data instantly with easy to use API, making it easier for developers in building real-time applications.

Firebase Analytics

Firebase unlimited analytics solution helps you in viewing user behavior and also in measuring attribution from a sole dashboard

Why Firebase?

Firebase is made up of complementary features that developers can mix-and-match to fit their needs.
Cost Effective
Cross Platform
Centralized DB

Why Successive?

Successive offers tailor-made solutions depending on your requirement. From development to deployment and deployment to consultation, Successive leverages Firebase for helping fulfill your business objectives.

We reliably invest in research facilities for accomplishing maximum standards of innovation and remain creative.

We never infringe agreed deadlines and deliver fast with our turnaround time being the lowermost in the industry.

Our working philosophy is stirred by our promise to optimally create value for our honored clients.

We have the right skills and experience for delivering best in class applications for optimum ROI.


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