Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.

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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules within Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution are integrated with each other to create a seamless and user-friendly accounting system.

  • Bridge accounts with three-way matching.
  • Allow for and set up price variances.
  • Support flexible terms of payments and cash discounts for advanced payment schedules, promissory notes, and multiple payments.
  • Use multiple invoice entry options for separate handling of approved and unapproved invoices.
  • Match invoices to physical deliveries.
  • Create import and export formats for electronic payments.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module allows tracking of all sales and incoming payments from customers. Set up customer groups and payment options. Create interest notes and collection letters. Define parameters relating to customers, sales orders, prices, discounts, supplementary items, deliveries, etc.

  • Manage and collect for overdue transactions with a centralized collection management functionality.
  • Calculate interest and generate collection letters.
  • Define flexible terms of payments and cash discounts.
  • Create payment proposals with adjustable payment options.
  • Set up credit parameters and payment terms; handle prepayments.
  • Authorize credit card payments.
  • Handle multiple currencies with exchange rate adjustments.


Improve your organization’s flexibility to develop, modify, and control budgets with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Various budget types are supported within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 from budgeting based on historical transactions, budget transfers, budget encumbrances, project budgets to fixed asset budgets.

  • Determine the financial components used to establish and control budgets.
  • Update or revise budgets based on economic events.
  • Define workflows and policies that match organizational requirements.
  • Use a budgeting tool that is right for the organization.

Cash and Bank Management

You can use Cash and bank management to maintain the legal entity’s bank accounts and the financial instruments that are associated with those bank accounts.

  • Cash discounts
  • Settlement overview
  • Configure settlement
  • Foreign currency revaluation for Accounts payable and Accounts receivable
  • Letters of credit
  • Letters of credit and import collections
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Set up centralized payments

Procurement and sourcing

Procurement and sourcing covers all the steps from identifying a need for product and services through procuring the product, receipt, invoicing, and processing of payment with vendors.

  • Purchase orders
  • Prices and discounts
  • Delivery options
  • Supplementary items
  • Purchase order charges
  • Product receipt and invoicing
  • Vendor performance
  • Reports

Supply chain management

Supply chain management, you get the tools you need to respond quickly to customers, rapidly pursue new market opportunities, and improve profitability by working efficiently with trade partners.

  • Optimize cash flow by streamlining accounts-receivable processes and tracking customer payments
  • Help drive efficiency and maximize cash resources with flexible, integrated accounts-payable capabilities
  • Match the goods you have on hand with customer demand while reducing inventory and distribution costs
  • Integrate warehouse processes with the rest of your business to help you manage goods and space more effectively and reduce costs and waste


Manufacturing Capabilities gives your company that power to streamline manufacturing processes and adapt quickly to changing demands to give customers what they want, when they want it.

  • Production Bill of Materials
  • Production Orders
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Version Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Sales and Inventory Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Finite Loading
  • Machine Centers


Marketing includes a bundle of apps and solutions carefully selected to support marketing departments and coordinate with sales. Some of these apps and solutions are also available as bundles or add-ons with other Dynamics 365 products, while others are only available as part of the marketing package.

  • Core marketing
  • Event management
  • Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  • Dynamics 365 Portals


Sales for Dynamics 365 is designed to support the sales process from lead acquisition to close of sale. CRM has a place to store he contact information for new leads.

  • Assistant with Studio
  • Auto capture
  • Email engagement
  • Relationship analytics
  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Predictive opportunity scoring
  • Notes analysis
  • Talking points
  • Who knows whom
  • Dynamics 365 assistant for Microsoft Teams

Enterprise Content Management Tools

MS Dynamics AX

Designed for midsize and larger companies, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is a multilingual and multicurrency enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite with core strengths in manufacturing and e-business that also provides powerful functionality for the service and wholesale industries.

MS-Dyanamics Nav

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (An ERP) app from Microsoft. The product is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, and intended to assist with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, supply chains, analytics and electronic commerce for small and medium-sized companies and local subsidiaries of large international groups.


CRM solutions increase your profitability by streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions, and letting you focus on building and maintaining the customer relationships that matter.


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