Digital Insights

Digital Insights will serve as tools and resource recommendation engine based on the media brief provided by the user. It will highlight the best uses cases for each research tool, easing the user journey by adding more relevance.

Impediments Overcome

Challenges We Faced

Comms planners are overwhelmed with the amount of data available and have difficulty navigating the various tools to find the right insights. They often only have from a few hours to a week to turn around a response to a brief. In the US alone, we subscribe to over 15 third-party tools, not including the 50+ GMP partner data resources. These tools are often underutilized as many potential users are unaware of its availability or are unsure of the best use cases for these tools. Moreover, access permissions vary by subscription which causes further confusion.

Digital Insights is a centralized portal that allows client teams to access network tools/resources all in one place based on their roles. As those often responsible for providing the audience, market, and media insights, the Strategy & Insight teams are already heavy users of these resources. A common portal will help these teams find everything from a central source and potentially facilitate more well-rounded insights with the inclusion of previously underutilized tools.

Working out the details

Features of Digital Insights

User Research Tools

All tools needed for user research under one hood.

Access Request

Permission based access management for tools with different types of request access.

Waitlist Based Subscription

Access to paid tools allowed by admins on the basis of waitlist of requests.

Technologies Used

Proposed Solution

To ease the journey, the recommended tools/resources will be grouped by the type of insight provided. For each tool/resource, there is a description of what the tool is good for—staging relevant use cases for the users.

Users have the ability to request access from the tool admin if applicable or there will be instructions on obtaining credentials. When requesting access, users will be able to indicate the urgency of a new business request.

The admin will receive a notification if seats are limited. Users can view who within the team already has access or if the data is licensed in a different market. In such cases, the contact information for that market admin will be approved.

The project brought an opportunity to create a web-based application project from scratch. It was a marketing tools management portal to cater to the distinct needs of different geographies in order to see which tool is highly endorsed in which geography.

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We not only helped the client in building this web based application but also helped him with ideas to manage the planner and admin suite with better UI/UX that can increase flexibility in the platform.

Transformation with Design

Digital Insights UI/UX Design


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