Open source, scalable, high performance, you name it, Cassandra has it all. A NoSQL database designed to handle large amounts of structured data making it the perfect platform for a mission critical data.

About Cassandra

Cassandra is an open source, distributed and decentralized storage system that is highly scalable and available without compromising the performance. It's sui generis capability of handling huge amounts of data across many commodity servers makes it the best choice for managing mission critical data.

It's exceptional characteristic lies in its ability to be fault tolerant which allows for the replication across multiple data centers thereby providing the users with lower latency.

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Cassandra supports an outstanding number of features that differentiates it from the others.


During downtime, loss of data is unaffordable hence the durability of Cassandra is an important feature.


Cassandra has the capability to run on multiple machines and may run across geographically dispersed data centres.

Elastic Scalability

Cassandra includes horizontal scaling along with the addition of more machines that have all or some of the data.

Fault Tolerant

Multiple nodes have the reproduced version of the data as the data gets replicated automatically across data centers.

Why Cassandra?

Due to it's immeasurable technical features, Cassandra never fails to wow the users with its impressive characteristics.
Elastic Scalability
Flexible Data Storage
Transaction Support

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